Aerial Video & Photography

We are pleased to announced that we can offer aerial video and photography services around the UK.
Based in Weymouth, Dorset, we are happy to travel nationwide to cover aerial work.
As filmmakers, we understand the required skill t get that perfect shot and we are used to working with directors and crew to capture the right image at the right time.

We currently hold the caa permissions that allow us to conduct aerial work. Our weight category covers us to use both 0-7kg & 7-20kg aerial platforms.


Phantom 4 pro - woods
Puddletown woods, taken with Phantom 4 pro

The aerial platforms used by us are the DJI M600 – heavy lift platform & the DJI phantom 4 pro.
Both aircraft are very capable and we find that our clients often prefer the small compact phantom 4 pro, as it offers better flight times and puts out incredible image quality for both stills and video.

For more advanced projects, the m600 is able to carry heavier cameras, such as the RED Epic.
We currently fly our a7sii on the aircraft when required.